Jill Nagler, B.S.

Associate Research Specialist


Office: Psychology 187

Jill Nagler

B.S., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017

As an undergraduate I worked on two research projects in the Addiction Research Center, including the project I currently work on, which examines whether mHealth technologies and machine learning can be used to help predict risk of relapse in clinical populations of people in the early stages of abstinence-based recovery.

My primary research interests include the intersections of mental health issues, including addiction, traumatic stress disorders, personality disorders, depression, and anxiety, and the impact mental health issues have on marginalized populations.

In addition to my passion for psych research I have been a long-time volunteer for local organizations that focus on uplifting the lives of marginalized populations. I also play music in a local rock band.

I plan on pursuing my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.