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“Facebook Is Deleting Valuable Drug Harm Reduction Groups.” A group offering real-time advice to drug users was permanently from Facebook. Feb 8, 2018 via Vice.

“Military Vets Are Among Factors Changing The Politics Of Pot”. The politics of medical marijuana are changing as veterans turn to the drug to treat service-related conditions. Feb 6, 2018 via NPR.


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“Painkiller Addictions are the Easiest to Hide​.” June 2, 2017, Tonic (VICE)

“5 studies that help explain why social drinking is so rewarding.” March 26, 2017, Business Insider

How substances affect the human brain and why we become addicted” February 13, 2017, The Daily Cardinal


Navigating The New Pot Talk In A Time Of Legal Weed. With marijuana now legal in more states, the conversation between parents and teens is more complicated. December 22, 2016 via NPR. Listen here

The Surgeon General just released an important report on Addiction. This focus doesn’t happen often. November 22, 2016. Read a summary of the report from American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) (Source)



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