Cognitive Style Questionnaire-Short Form (CSQ-SF)

The Cognitive Style Questionnaire-Short Form (CSQ-SF) is a 72-item questionnaire that measures vulnerabilities for anxiety and depression.


Each item is scored on a scale from 1 to 5 except for those items that are reverse coded:

1 = strongly disagree

2 = disagree

3 = undecided

4 = agree

5 = strongly agree


internality: items 1 and 6

globality: items 2 and 7

stability: items 3 and 8

negative consequences: item 4

self-worth implications: items 5 and 9


CSQ-SF Short form

CSQ-SF questionnaire

R scoring syntax file


Meins, E., McCarthy-Jones, S., Fernyhough, C., Lewis, G., Bentall, R. P., & Alloy, L. B. (2012). Assessing negative cognitive style: Development and validation of a Short-Form version of the Cognitive Style Questionnaire. Personality and individual differences, 52(5), 581-585.