Michigan Assessment- Screening Test for Alcohol and Drugs (MAST-AD)


The MAST, developed by Selzer as a screening test three decades ago, has also served as a measure of severity and insight. The MAST and our modification (the MAST-AD) elicit lifetime information. We replaced the term ‘‘alcohol’’ on each MAST item with the phrase ‘‘alcohol and/or drugs’’ or other relevant phrase and retained the original weighted scoring system (see Appendix 1 for these changes). The MAST and MAST-AD contain 25 items with weighted scoring as follows: zero point, 1 item; one point, 4 items; two points, 17 items; five points, 3 items. In addition, two of the items are scored for the number of times the event occurred, so that the subject has a score of five for each episode of delirium tremens (Item 18) and a score of 2 for each alcoholdrug arrest (Items 23 and 24). Although most patients scored in the teens to thirties, those with numerous arrests and/or withdrawal delirium can achieve high scores of 40 or above.



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Westermeyer et al. (2004)