Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire (MASQ)

The Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire (MASQ) is an instrument containing a range of symptoms relevant to depression and anxiety. We have three different versions (90, 62, and 26 items).


Item coding can be retrieved from the Scoring Notes document below. The Items are coded differently for each version of the MASQ. Some items are reverse coded.

  • may not be varScore compatible (see scoring notes for reverse coded items)


The MASQ has 5 subscales:

  • General distressed symptoms mixed
  • Anxious Symptoms
  • Anxious Arousal
  • Depressive Symptoms
  • Anhedonic Depression


This is a copyrighted measure. The following questionnaire links are for the use of our lab only. For access to the measure(s), please contact the copyright holders here.

The scoring files were written in the R statistical programming language by John Curtin and are free for reuse.

Full-MASQ Questionnaire 90 items

Short-MASQ Questionnaire 62 items

Mini-MASQ Questionnaire 26 items

SPSS Scoring Syntax file

Scoring Notes

Mini-MASQ R Scoring Syntax file

Short-MASQ R Scoring Syntax file

Full-MASQ R Scoring Syntax file


Watson et al. (1995)

Clark & Watson (1991)