Questionnaire on Smoking Urges (QSU)

For many studies a single item assessing craving is appropriate. This can be question 1 from the QSU:

“Please answer this statement on a scale from 0 (Strongly Disagree) to 100 (Strongly Agree).

I have a desire for a cigarette right now.”

Otherwise the QSU 10 item version can be used.


Add the total score of each item for a total score. There are no reverse items.


Craving 1 item

QSU-brief Questionnaire 10 items

QSU R Scoring File


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Cox LS, Tiffany ST, & Christen AG, (2001): Evaluation of the brief questionnaire of smoking urges (QSU-brief) in laboratory and clinical settings. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 3:7-16.