Rutgers Alcohol Problems Index (RAPI)

The RAPI is a 23-item self-administered screening tool for assessing adolescent problem drinking. It was developed in order to create a conceptually sound, unidimensional, relatively brief, and easily administered instrument to assess problem drinking in adolescence. The advantages of this screening tool lie in its ease of administration and its standardization, which make it possible to compare problem drinking scores across groups.


The RAPI consists of 23 items that are rated on a 5-point Likert scale as follows:

Never 1-2 times 3-5 times 6-10 times more than 10 times
0 1 2 3 4


The RAPI yields one total score (RAPI_TOT) which simiply consists of the sum of all 23 items. No items are reverse scored.



SPSS Scoring Syntax file

R Scoring Syntax file


White, H.R. & Labouvie, E.W. (1989). Towards the assessment of adolescent problem drinking. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 50, 30-37.