Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Gels, Pastes, and Abrasives
Exfoliant gel Weaver and Company NuPrep
Conductive Gel Electro-Cap International ECA E9
Electrode and Collars
Small Ag/AgCl EMG Sensors Discount Disposables TDE-023-Y-ZZ-S 4 mm, and 48 in lead length
Large Ag/AgCl EMG sensor Discount Disposables TDE-022-Y-ZZ-S 8 mm, and 48 in lead length
Small electrode collars Discount Disposables TD-23 5 mm
Large electrode collars Discount Disposables TD-22 8 mm
Applicators, Gauze Pads, Tape, and Misc.
Alcohol pads Fisher Scientific 06-669-72
Gauze pads Neuromedical Supplies 95000025
Blunt Needle Electro-Cap International E8B
Medical tape Neuromedical Supplies 95000032
Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectant, etc.
Electrode Sterilizing Solution Emergency Medical Products MX-2800 Gloves should be worn when handling metricide.